11 Ways to Save

Should you stay or should you go? If you’re working in government and wondering whether or not to change your data centre provision under the Crown Hosting Data Centres procurement framework read on.

One of the biggest decision factors is cost. There has been much press speculation about the huge potential savings to the public purse. But, how are all of these cost savings possible? For transparency, we’ve listed some of the ‘hows’ below:

  1. Simplified Procurement. Crown Hosting Data Centres has simplified the data centre services selection process in government by creating a comprehensive catalogue.. This will save time, effort and therefore money.
  2. Superior energy efficiency. Our dedication to adopting pioneering new technology and innovating everywhere means that our data centre offerings are twice as efficient as the industry standard.
  3. Power utilisation and cost transparency. All of our customers can expect complete transparency over their service utilisation and costs, providing comprehensive management information for future IT planning.
  4. Reduced supplier margins. Our reduced cost of operation represents a significant opportunity for us to pass on cost savings to our customers. So we do.
  5. Agile contracts. Not only will this procurement framework further drive the unbundling of large legacy contracts, but it delivers a commercial approach that ensures more flexible, cost-efficient contracts.
  6. Fixed PUE. All Crown Hosting Data Centres contracts come with a low fixed power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating, and provide power at cost.
  7. No ‘hidden extras’. For example, there is no additional cost for floor strengthening, because our data centres don’t have raised floors. Instead we have rotated the cooling process by 90 degrees, so that cool air flows through the hardware and not in front of it.
  8. Ready-to-go. The presence of a fully fitted environment including electrical infrastructure is IT ready to on-board racks with no additional capital expenditure.
  9. Meet-me-rooms’. These rooms within each data room substantially reduce cabling costs.
  10. Lower onboarding costs. These are achieved with fast setup due to pre-installed infrastructure and Match TechnologyTMthat allows any rack density in any configuration.
  11. Low latency inter-site connectivity – also supports lower costs.

There’s no doubt that we can (and do) substantially reduce the business risk and overall cost of public sector departments and organisations. To find out more email us at

Peter McShane, Head of Sales & Marketing

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