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22nd September 2015

Thinking about Chill Out Options?

Loitering at 2-4 kW rack densities is no longer an option for many of today’s CIO and CTOs. Even simple blade chassis can use 8kW and three of them in one rack can generate 24kW of heat. But ramping up…

2nd September 2015

Cool Ways to Beat the Heat

Recently, Computer Business Review magazine reviewed the top cooling trends in the data centre space. And that got me thinking. It sounds obvious, but if you’re looking for ways to cool down your data centre, then it makes sense to…

27th August 2015

Never Stop Learning

I came across an interesting article the other day that discussed the advancement in data centre technologies, highlighting that the rapid pace of change has enabled those of us in the industry to learn a lot from what worked and, importantly,…

4th August 2015

Raw Hide 2015

Raw Hide 2015 has been launched and will take place on Friday 14 August. A charity cycle ride by Ark employees and also enthusiasts from our partner network of some 94 miles between the two Ark campuses in Hampshire and…

28th July 2015

Why Knowledge is Power

At Crown Hosting Data Centres we believe that knowledge is power. It’s the reason why we give all our public sector customers comprehensive infrastructure reporting on every aspect of their data centre operation. Delivered in a dashboard format, these monthly…

15th July 2015

The E-Factor

Ahead of a new report on the UK market, I was having a conversation with an analyst group very recently. They seemed keen to know about our data centre capacity and locations. My response was factual as you might expect,…

9th July 2015

Now That’s Cool

As the UK finally starts to enjoy the summer with higher temperatures and higher humidity, how efficiently is your data centre being cooled? Ark that supply our data centres, has been deploying direct air cooled data centres for the last…

1st July 2015

Crown Hosting Data Centres: The Equaliser

There’s been a lot of publicity about how the Crown Hosting Data Centres service represents a pendulum shift for government that’s set to generate up to £105 million of savings to the public purse. But it’s also a momentous step…

24th June 2015

The Risk Perspective

What’s our risk exposure? It’s a question every government or public sector organisation faces when it comes to making a major decision – like procuring big IT services. Risk assessment is an integral part of any strategy-execution process, and should…

17th June 2015

Follow the Leader: We’re Showing the Way

Recently the editor of Computer Weekly, one of the biggest IT publications in the UK, made some interesting observations about how the future of government digital services will shape up. His musings make for attention-grabbing reading. Especially his observations on…

10th June 2015

Connecting your Cloud

I believe that clients should be free to connect to their cloud provider of choice, rather than being limited by their choice of data centre provider or location. So, whilst we provide a highly secure and resilient environment from which…

2nd June 2015

Risk versus Price

As consumers, price is often the most important factor when deciding where we shop. Whether you’re buying broadband services or the weekly grocery shop, paying the price you want is the name of the game. When it comes to work-based…

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