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Data Centre colocation dedicated to the UK public sector

No Vendor Lock-in.
Faster route to the Cloud.
Government accredited.

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Value for money

No OJEU process, Simple, standard HMG contract Flexible contract period, Pay-for-what-you-use Inter data centre communications, Dedicated government capacity, Benchmarked, No expensive procurement process and Due diligence.


Pay-for-what-you-use, Agnostic, Try out new platforms and move when ready, Guaranteed high fixed efficiency and high density Low cost additional services Intelligent Hands – reducing on-site staff.

Ease of use

Efficient to implement, Leverage existing framework suppliers, Not locked in, ability change without compromising data or infrastructure, Proven move-in ready solution, 24/7 Intelligent Hands Service.


Our data centre colocation services are open to any UK publicly funded, mandated, regulated and previously regulated organisations. To learn more about the sectors we cover, please select a sector.

Why choose Crown Hosting?

A Cloud Appropriate approach to Public Sector IT is an increasing focus, and one which needs a secure framework to support the effort.

Crown Hosting Data Centres provides the foundation needed to deliver the UK Government’s aim for a Cloud Appropriate digital transformation of the Public Sector. This is achieved first by infrastructure consolidation and then by migration. Before you can realise a digital transformation, you need to understand what data you have, on what infrastructure it is hosted and who uses the data. Only by understanding your data landscape can you then effect a successful migration to digital platforms.

Our framework provides the some of the latest data centre technologies, giving significantly reduced operating costs, increased operational availability and resilience, increased security which is accredited by CPNI and NCSC, and a reduction in carbon emissions. On top of this, the framework is constructed to be easy to buy, allowing you to quickly access highly efficient data centre colocation and data hosting on a fully flexible contract basis.

Our data centre campuses offer state of the art security, resilience, and both energy and carbon efficiency across the entire UK Public Sector. These campuses are governed as part of the Cabinet Office framework agreement, meaning that whilst you benefit from best-in-class security, ease of use, and flexible contract options, you also benefit from the best possible value for money.

Let Crown Hosting guide your route to the Cloud in the most effective way.

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What is Crown Hosting?

Crown Hosting Data Centres Limited is a joint venture between the Cabinet Office and Ark Data Centres that delivers increased efficiency, improved value, and transparency of data centre hosting utilisation across the entire UK Public Sector. We help you with your digital transformation journey by consolidating your infrastructure before migrating your data to new platforms, which is a solution to a problem that every organisation has irrespective of how big or small they are.

Who can buy?

Our data centre colocation services are open to any UK publicly funded, mandated, regulated, and previously regulated organisations. We work with a wide range of sectors, including Defence, Justice and Police, Central Government, Local Government, Health, Transport, Education and Research.

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How can you buy?

Crown Hosting Data Centres’ high-quality data centre colocation services have already been agreed and are governed as part of a Cabinet Office framework agreement.

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Risk reduction

Crown Campus

The Crown Campuses are secure locations with established communities of specialist public sector framework service providers, Crown Hosting Data Centres and Public Sector organisations. It provides a space for secure knowledge sharing to deliver protected services to help meet government data objectives and reduce overall spend on digital services.

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Crown Hosting Data Centres Limited is powered by Ark Data Centres, who design, construct, and operate the most efficient UK data centres. Our customers include UK publicly funded, mandated, regulated, and previously regulated organisations and charities.

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