Digital Transformation programme en-route for the DWP

A constantly growing number of departments, agencies and organisations of the UK public sector are using Crown Hosting as their infrastructural base to begin their journey to the Cloud – as we have already seen in the past.

This time it’s the Department for Work and Pensions, one of the core parts of the whole governmental service infrastructure, who publicly announced how happy they are to have moved their legacy IT solutions to the Crown Hosting and how they are using Crown Hosting as a platform for a hyper-converged hybrid Cloud. Using an agile combination of the physical infrastructure, provided by our data centres, and cloud services both private and public,  Andy Jones, Lead Infrastructure Engineer for the DWP, describes the programme and reasons for the choices they have made, with quite some pride in the work done up to this point, as you can see in his latest interview here.

Steve Hall, Crown Hosting Data Centres’ Chief Executive Officer, added “Crown Hosting is playing a central role in enabling DWP’s transformation of its legacy IT infrastructure – ‘taking back control’ as DWP defines it. The ability to provide data centre space on a utility-based commercial model which accommodates the latest hyper-converged infrastructure in the most efficient data centres in the UK, gives DWP the ability to deploy and operate the very latest hybrid infrastructure.
The efficiency of our data centres has led to a reduction of more than 50% in DWP’s energy bills and crucially a greater than 50% reduction in CO2“.

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