Steve Hall takes the reins for Crown Hosting’s next phase of growth

Crown Hosting is delighted to announce the return of Steve Hall in the position of CEO. This follows the recent announcement that the Joint Venture between the Cabinet Office and Ark Data Centres will be extended for a further significant period.

‘It’s great to have Steve back in the CEO’s chair, invigorated and just as enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead’ commented Sir Jon Thompson, Chairman of Crown Hosting. ‘He brings a unique approach to growing the business and will challenge the whole of the Public Sector to accelerate their digital transformation plans by utilising the capabilities of Crown Hosting’.

Steve Hall’s history with Crown Hosting dates back to its inception in 2015 when he co-created the organisation from the ground up, signing the original contract which has established one of the most successful joint ventures with the UK Government. The benefits to the Public Sector have been enormous – over £2 billion savings of tax payers money, a massive reduction in CO2 which has been the equivalent of removing approx. 150,000 cars from the roads and an increased resilience and reliable Information Technology Infrastructure.

While delighted to be responsible for driving the future growth of Crown Hosting, with almost forty years’ experience in the Public Sector, Steve Hall sees the combination of the pandemic and COP26 as two defining moments in the country’s history that could be the catalyst for real and meaningful change.

“Although there has been the need for digital transformation in the UK Public Sector for some time, there have been too many reasons not to act but the pandemic changed that. There is now a marked difference in the sense of urgency to save money which will help drive the required change. Crown is proven to aid digital transformation for government organisations while illustrating a saving of £3 for every £1 spent. That gives the opportunity for our work to make a real impact in the UK’s financial recovery with immediate effect, whilst also delivering real progress on the road to Net Zero emissions”.

Steve also cites COP26 as a major turning point for the thinking and actions of many organisations, as pressure to demonstrate carbon savings is set to be unrelenting for the foreseeable future. “Crown can illustrate that we save up to 75% of electricity consumed by IT and provide a 99% carbon reduction on relocated services for anyone that uses our services. That means any Public Sector organisation that takes climate change seriously, can begin to report carbon reduction goals from day one with our help”.

Although Steve has a clear vision on the demonstrable role that Crown can play in the UK and is well respected in the industry, he’s equally keen to point out there is still a lot of work to do to win the hearts and minds of many who are looking for answers following one of the toughest periods in the country’s history but who may not know the value Crown bring.

“The bottom line is that we’re here to help. We’re no longer the new kid on the block but instead home to many forward-thinking Public Sector organisations who have put their trust in us. We know the value that we bring because our customers tell us every day. My job is to ensure that as many people know and understand the value we bring and what it means to them, so that we can serve as a real vehicle of change in the forthcoming years”.

“We are proven to save money and will do the same for any Public Sector organisation that needs our help. We are proven to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint, while empowering our customers to achieve their own sustainability and digitalisation goals – So my message to the UK Public Sector (I hope) is reassuringly simple and honest – The time has come to stop talking, to start doing and we’ll be here when you’re ready”.


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Crown Hosting Data Centres Limited is a unique joint venture between the Cabinet Office and Ark Data Centres dedicated to serving the Public Sector. Together we are the trusted partner of the UK Government delivering increased efficiency, improved value, and transparency of Data Centre Services.

Combined, we bring the Government assurance, integrity and capabilities of the Public Sector, unified with the speed of execution and flexibility of the Private Sector.

Our partnership empowers the UK Government aspiration for ‘Cloud Appropriate Digital Transformation’, regardless of the size of organisation or where you are on your journey.

We offer all Public Sector organisations the same foundation to create and inspire change, opportunities to transform, move forward, consolidate infrastructure, and migrate to new platforms using a more efficient and cost-effective model.

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