Where the Cloud Touches the Ground

As government departments and agencies start to get their heads around what Crown Hosting Data Centres actually means for them, no doubt a few questions will arise.

Some of those questions might benefit from clarity around how G-Cloud and Crown Hosting Data Centres now co-exist.

Under HM Government’s Cloud First policy the hosting of many existing and new applications will move to the public cloud over the next few years. Crown Hosting Data Centres will support and complement this policy by providing data centre services for applications not suitable or not ready for cloud hosting – or for which conversion to cloud readiness would be uneconomic.

Clouds need data centres too. Their physical infrastructure has to be hosted somewhere. The Crown Hosting Data Centres are provided by Ark on large dedicated, secure campuses that are also home to a number of significant G-Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) suppliers such as Capita, Skyscape and a number of others that can’t be mentioned here. In effect, we come in where the public sector cloud touches the ground.

Simply put, Crown Hosting Data Centres is designed to support existing, private infrastructure in the public sector and through the close proximity (local network) to G-Cloud IaaS suppliers, facilitates the journey from legacy infrastructure to the cloud. This close proximity also enables infrastructure flexibility; public sector services composed of components that are both cloud suitable and unsuitable can be created without the technical constraints of geographical separation.

So, Crown Hosting Data Centres complements G-Cloud, because it provides public bodies with a physical space to host their non-cloud based computer servers and systems alongside G-Cloud suppliers. Until now, individual departments paid to either build their own centres or outsource the service as part of their own locked in IT contracts.

IT technology changes a generation every 18 months and each generation can do the job of the last using about half the amount of physical kit. This continual advancement if taken advantage of, can allow the public sector to consolidate the amount of data centre space it uses. Crown Hosting Data Centres enables this consolidation alongside adoption of cloud, but it does more than this, it is an opportunity to transform public sector services, for example through cross department exchange of information and the adoption of common services.

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