Crown Campus

The Crown Campuses are secure locations with established communities of specialist public sector framework service providers, Crown Hosting Data Centres and Public Sector organisations. It provides a space for secure knowledge sharing to deliver protected services to help meet government data objectives and reduce overall spend on digital services.

Our facilities

A campus. A community. Connected

4 states you can deploy your infrastructure on...

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Crown Commercial
and Framework Providers
available on the campus

Crown Hosting Data Centres
Limited are supplier neutral

Network Services Framework Providers available on Campus

How can you get in touch?

Crown Campus and Crown Hosting Data Centres are powered by Ark Data Centres, who design, construct and operate the most efficient UK data centres for the public sector. We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with.

Transformation Services Available on Crown Campus

Services provided by CCS Technology Services 2 Framework providers

Portfolio & Project Management


Inefficient Lots 1–4
uncontrolled status

Cloud services
Traditional data centre
Private cloud


Lot 1: Tech Strategy
& Service Design

Technology &
Business Strategy
Service Design


Lot 2: Transition &


Lot 3: Operational Services
Lot 4: Programme & Large Projects

End User Services
Operational Management
Technical Management
Application and Data


Lots 1–4

Repeat through Discovery
Tech Strategy & Service Design
Continue to Manage Services
Programmes and Large Projects


Agile and efficient
hybrid IT delivery

Perfect balance:
Crown Hosting, public
cloud, private cloud

Quality & Security Assurance

Cloud and Business Services available on Campus

Simplify IT by adopting ‘as-a-service’ on campus through G-Cloud providers

NIST cloud delivery models

Business process outsourcing

Outcome based services from business services specialists

Business processes


Specialist application based services maximising time-to-value

Content / data


flexible and convenient developer services for cloud native applications

Content / data


Outcome based services from business services specialists



Secure and flexible DC facilities to host legacy and new private platforms

Crown Hosting DC

Available Network Services Framework Connectivity

Crown Hosting Campus enables all connectivity options.

  • Carrier neutrality
  • Multiple fibre owners each with their own diverse routes
  • BT 21CN core nodes
  • Many on-net carriers
  • Cloud connectivity, on and off-campus
  • UK HMG core networks, multiple suppliers
  • Fast circuit delivery!


Cloud services