Crown Hosting Data Centres 1 year on: success at scale

It’s a year since the Crown Hosting Data Centres framework was formally added to the Digital Marketplace. Since then, all central government departments, arm’s length bodies, the wider public sector and charities have had a single unified framework from which to buy data centre space for their legacy systems. In that time, Crown Hosting Data Centes has delivered significantly above expectations – achieving critical savings as well as operational improvements at scale, through delivering service, without compromise, for its public-sector clients.

In year 1, we have supported 14 departments, including the DWP, Home Office and Cabinet Office as well as other other regional and central government organisations – delivering muti-million-pound savings to date. How can we achieve these savings as well as uncompromising service, security and agility?

Simple, rapid, pre-assured onboarding

  • Pre-assured for any security level requirement up to Top Secret
  • Savings in procurement time and cost – OJEU already complete

Flexible, simple and assured contracts

  • A pay-for-what-you-use commercial model
  • Short- to long-term contracts, depending on departmental requirements – no penalty for leaving

Smooth transition to the cloud

  • A secure environment for transition to private or public cloud in line with the Cloud First initiative
  • Providing the alternative of physical data centre space in instances where data sensitivity is high, or legacy must be maintained

Join us for year 2?

In 2016 Crown Hosting Data Centres will be helping more public bodies to underpin their transformation journey.

The question is: how can we help you? Let us know today via


March 17, 2016 | Latest News