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What Digital Means For The NHS

We can’t change the world but we can be part of the solution

Adopting a digital strategy, and planning to switch applications and storage to the cloud?

What are your plans concerning existing on premise applications and servers, which will need to continue to run seamlessly to support health services for some time to come?

Not every problem will solve itself immediately with the adoption of cloud, so the NHS needs to think through these decisions and only adopt what makes sense now and ensure the foundations are robust and agile enough for tomorrow.

Crown Hosting Data Centres ensures that the NHS can maintain, improve and extend services whilst maximising operational efficiency and controlling costs

Prescription for Digital transformation

Crown Hosting is supporting the NHS’s forward plan and digital transformation strategy by driving down operational costs between 50%-66% per annum. For some trusts, this is millions of savings over 5 years. These huge savings support investment in new digital projects to improve care quality.

Crown Hosting Data Centres is also reducing operational risks associated to running legacy data centres environments and with no contract lock-in, this NHS cloud-first stepping-stone can enable the NHS to transform the functions that are ready, when you are ready.

Simple application

A simple pre procured framework RM1069 with a clear and low cost pricing plan and predictable costs, with no contract term lock in. The massive scale of the UK governments data centre procurement has allowed NHS organisations to benefit from the lowest cost for datacentre space. Crown Hosting provides a platform to deliver further savings when cloud adoption accelerates.

This is why Crown Hosting is an existing and integral part of UK governments and the NHS cloud first policy.

Reduces acute pain

Many legacy environments need to keep working for good reason, and Crown Hosting Data Centres is the perfect medicine by providing access to a highly connected service provider, cloud, wide area network and health community. The ultra-secure campus provide the NHS an ability to switch to new service delivery options as and when required.

With the Crown Hosting framework, the NHS individual organisation or trust retains ownership of the core systems, infrastructure and data, with the ability to expand or diminish the footprint at scale very cost effectively.

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