Crown Hosting Data Centres provides public sector customers with assured, low cost, secure, scalable and flexible data centre colocation, coupled with low-latency connectivity between data centres.

Provided through the Crown Hosting framework these services allow for easy access to simple, transparent, “pay-for-what-you-use” pricing with a selection of durations, no volume commitment and easy termination.

Crown Hosting Data Centres uses best of breed energy efficiency technology, providing customers compliance with the HMG Greening Government ICT strategy, maximising their green practices. Specifications:

  • Crown Hosting Cover Highly resilient Tier III aligned facilities – brand new, built from the ground up
  • Dedicated public sector data halls – assured by NCSC and underpinned by CPNI guidance to enable rapid accreditation
  • Business continuity – multiple separate data centres permitting synchronous replication and a secure environment for back up data and recovery systems
  • Comprehensive infrastructure reporting – insight into data centre performance and efficiency
  • Easy to buy – available now through a call-off-agreement, a single supplier framework
  • Simple “pay for what you use “ pricing with a selection of durations
  • Scalable and resilient connectivity to Network Services Framework, N3 and RLI/SLI services and high speed data centre interconnect
  • Lowest total cost of ownership – industry leading guaranteed efficiency
  • Rapid on-boarding – low and high density compute in any configuration