Derby City Council


Derby City Council is committed to the UK Government’s Cloud First policy to help drive efficiencies, in both cost and performance. They conducted a thorough analysis to fully understand the implications of how to achieve this; in particular what the impact was on their legacy IT estate. It quickly became clear that something like 80% of the Council’s data applications could be moved to the Cloud, and with legacy estate that would need to be relocated, a hybrid strategy was required.

As Alistair Taylor, the Senior Project Manager for Derby City Council said, ‘Some things just don’t play nicely in the Cloud’, and it became evident that it was going to be more complex than first thought. And with time constraints, a naturally resistant supply chain, the Council were keen to explore alternative and more efficient ways of dealing with the problem.

‘Getting to grips with a new Government IT Framework could have been complicated, but everyone at Crown Hosting Data Centres was out to help.’

‘In Crown Hosting Data Centres, we were looking for, and got, something that could provide a rapid service, from an OJEU compliant framework, and give us a clear and flexible programme plan to completion.’

The Crown Hosting Data Centres joint venture between Ark Data Centres and the Cabinet Office was agreed after a comprehensive tender process to identify best value against a number of critical Government criteria, including energy efficiency, resilience, security, sustainability and both contractual and deployment flexibility.

‘Once we looked into Crown Hosting it quickly became clear that there were a number of advantages for us. The Service Request process allowed us to start detailed planning for the implementation of a mixed Cloud and legacy systems migration, and establish the necessary network links, with a delayed commencement date, enabling us to withdraw from existing contracts in a managed way, without incurring unnecessary costs.’

‘ We also recognise that any short term costs involved in migrating to Crown Hosting are far outweighed by the significant revenue savings that result from highly efficient data centre provision, as well as the contractual flexibility that will enable us to continually examine our IT estate.

We have a technical solution that we can adjust as needed and notwithstanding the migration costs we expect to break even within 24 months.’

Alistair singled out the Crown Hosting team themselves for particular praise, citing their efficiency enthusiasm and energy.

“The phrase ‘going the extra mile’ is often banded around as a throwaway line but in Crowns case, this was absolutely true. From implementing diverse routes at near impossible timescales to helping resolve supply chain issues that were not of Crowns making, the Crown team really did pull out all the stops to make ours a successful transition”