“Crown Hosting provides a service that can be used by the whole of government and for us, this meant a much quicker process from start to finish. You are moving onto a platform already used by high-profile public sector bodies, which is scalable and comes with a high level of assurance. Whereas the due diligence, procurement and commercial process of identifying the right data centre solution can normally take up to a year, it took us three months to finalise everything with Crown Hosting. It was like a hot knife through butter compared to previous experiences.

A key factor was business continuity. There is a very high level of military connectivity at the Crown Hosting site, which is matched by a level of accreditation that meets our business continuity standards. It is a complete package which made it a very compelling option for us.

The service that Crown Hosting offers has also given us total flexibility. Five years is a very long time in today’s modern world, with technology moving at an incredibly fast pace. The data solution we want this year might not be the same in five year’s time or even two year’s time. But being able to manage our budget over the next five years – with a highly competitive fixed price but with ongoing flexibility in the contract – is very valuable to us.

We looked carefully at how long we wanted the agreement with Crown Hosting to be. In today’s environment, we need to be able to demonstrate flexibility of terms; it is mandatory. As with procurement, risk compliance and management – indeed, governance in general – is a massive consideration. The contract with Crown Hosting allows us to meet our requirements. We’re not locked in, and can benefit from the very latest technological developments.

The team at Crown Hosting in Farnborough are people who speak the same language as we do, and who understand the specifics of the business we are in. Put simply, other data centre vendors cannot offer what Crown Hosting can. In terms of business continuity, in terms of flexibility, cost efficiency and ease of use, it just stacks up.”

‘This contract with Crown Hosting is a key milestone for the Army and represents the achievement of a strategy to cohere our hosting with a wider Government model.  The benefits and opportunities going forward are significant, not only cost reduction but sharing of services and experience to continue to optimise our delivery of secure hosting.’

Col. Sara Sharkey

Army Info-IS-IAS-AH

Published; Nov 30, 2016