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Crown Hosting Data Centres Limited is a unique joint venture between the Cabinet Office and Ark Data Centres dedicated to serving the Public Sector. Together we are the trusted partner of the UK Government delivering increased efficiency, improved value, and transparency of Data Centre Services.

Combined, we bring the Government assurance, integrity and capabilities of the Public Sector, unified with the speed of execution and flexibility of the Private Sector.

Crown Hosting is accessible to everyone, easy to work with and has established frameworks designed to allow access to highly efficient data centre solutions, satisfying all Security accreditation levels and available on a flexible contract basis.

Our partnership empowers Public Sector IT transformation, regardless of the size of organisation or complexity of IT estate.

We offer all Public Sector organisations the same foundation to create and inspire change, opportunities to transform, move forward, consolidate infrastructure, and migrate to new platforms using a more efficient and cost-effective model.

From day one, our CCS framework agreement allows you to take advantage of secure and resilient world-class data centre facilities, inter-data centre connectivity, installation & fit-out services, remote hands services and dashboard reporting.

As part of this Government’s long-term economic plan, we’re determined to utilise our unique buying power and become a more intelligent customer. It doesn’t make sense for departments to host their servers in different ways and at different costs, and we even got to a point where we weren’t sure how many of these centres there were. That’s why we’re saving millions for the taxpayer by aggregating this demand.

By partnering in a joint venture, we’re also able to access the necessary commercial and technical skills in the market to create a thriving new business that will deliver better services and allow government to share in its future success.

Francis Maude

Former Minister for the Cabinet Office

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Our management team have a diverse range of skills and experience to enable us to provide a unique service.


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Crown Hosting Data Centres Limited is powered by Ark Data Centres, who design, construct, and operate the most efficient UK data centres. Our customers include UK publicly funded, mandated, regulated, and previously regulated organisations and charities.

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