With Crown Hosting Data Centres you can buy data centre colocation, and other enabling services on demand, on a pay-as-you-use basis, gaining access to a suite of flexible, scalable approved secure services and connectivity.

Our USPs are outlined below:

Value for Money

  • No OJEU process
  • Simple, standard HMG contract
  • Flexible contract period
    • 1 to 7 years and beyond
    • Low cost irrespective of volume/size
  • Pay-for-what-you-use
  • Existing government telecoms on site from multiple Tier 1 providers
  • Inter data centre communications already in place
  • Dedicated government capacity in place
  • First customer live in five days
  • Benchmarked
  • No expensive procurement process
  • Due diligence completed
  • Accredited sites


  • Pay-for-what-you-use charging model
  • Termination for convenience clause
  • Agnostic to your service providers – preventing lock in
  • Try out new platforms and move when ready
  • Guaranteed high fixed efficiency and high density
  • Low cost additional services
  • Intelligent Hands – reduce requirement for on-site staff at competitive rates

Significant reduction in risk profile

  • Dedicated data halls for public sector use only
  • Financial assurance – no capex surprises
  • Risk redundancy – Tier 3+ Data Centres
    • Cooling
    • Power
  • Security
    • Assured secure service
    • OFFICIAL as standard and other levels of assurance available
    • Assured by NCSC advisor, underpinned by CPNI
  • Specialist government telecoms and carriers on site
    • Scalable and resilient connectivity to PSN, N3 and RLI/SLI services
  • High speed data centre interconnect at low cost
  • Redundancy – dual campuses with multiple data centres

Ease of use

  • Efficient to implement
  • Leverage existing framework suppliers
  • Not locked in, ability change without compromising data or infrastructure
  • Proven move-in ready solution
  • 24/7  Intelligent Hands Service

Route to the cloud

  • On site G-Cloud IaaS providers
  • Move legacy now and evolve to the Cloud when you are ready
  • Ability to exercise Termination for Convenience
  • Options for both public and private virtualisation