Connecting your Cloud

I believe that clients should be free to connect to their cloud provider of choice, rather than being limited by their choice of data centre provider or location.

So, whilst we provide a highly secure and resilient environment from which to connect to the cloud, we won’t prescribe or recommend which cloud you should use.

In other words, we’re pretty clear about what it means to be a cloud-neutral data centre provider.

The way we see it, our role is simply to make sure it’s fast and easy to draw down cloud services to your data centre. And that means providing all the secure on-campus direct connectivity needed to get to the public and private cloud platforms of your choosing – efficiently and safely.

Our goal is to ensure you access the highest bandwidth, lowest latency and highest security connection possible – and sometimes you won’t have to connect via the Internet

And because we don’t want to tether you in any way at all, we won’t control the network equipment required to access the critical cloud services you need. You get to deploy, and manage, the core infrastructure needed – we simply provide the racks.

We believe taking an unequivocal cloud-neutral stance generates significant advantages for all our customers – including co-location providers, who gain the assurance of knowing we won’t compete for your business:

  • Connect privately to your private cloud
  • Add or change providers as often as you need or as demands change
  • No hidden tie-ins – your cloud service relationships are fully independent of your data centre services
  • Select cloud providers that represent the best fit for your specific wants and needs – and negotiate your own terms

Of course, it goes without saying that as part of our commitment to making it fast and easy to efficiently access the cloud, we offer a community of providers that can be securely accessed without leaving campus.

Our neutral position means we don’t offer a packaged deal – you negotiate your own commercial relationships with these providers. Our role is simply to act as a showroom where you can explore the available options and make your choices accordingly.

Jason Liggins

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