There’s nothing permanent, except change

At Crown Hosting we have championed the idea of change since the very beginning of our successful joint venture with Cabinet Office. We believe that change is what has brought us to where we are now: a recognised framework agreement that underpins the UK public sector digital transformation, whilst providing state of the art, sustainable facilities at significantly reduced costs. These are savings that can be reinvested back into frontline services and enable our customers to focus on what they do best: delivering incredible healthcare, world-changing education, fundamental infrastructures, defending our country and securing our cities. These are services which every citizen expects to work as seamlessly as their social media apps!

It is with this in mind that we embraced the challenge of creating a new logo for our services and radically redesign our website experience.

Without losing our established brand identity, we decided to add a visual element to our logotype: a Crown.
Our Crown, which consists of a light, dynamic recursive path, is the perfect symbol to represent our mission: giving the wider Public Sector a secure, efficient and cost-effective route to the Digital Transformation.

Crown Hosting Logo

In the upcoming weeks, you will see our new brand identity reflected in everything we do – our website, advertising, social media, etc. – behind the new face is the same great team, dedicated to delivering the best data centres services for the UK public sector.

“I am absolutely delighted to unveil our new brand today! Along with our new website, it is a new, fresher and instantly recognisable new look for our whole team. It’s an exceptionally exciting time for Crown Hosting, and I’m sure our new logo will soon become familiar for our existing and future customers” said Stephen Hall, CEO of Crown Hosting Data Centres.

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Crown Hosting Data Centres Limited is powered by Ark Data Centres, who design, construct, and operate the most efficient UK data centres. Our customers include UK publicly funded, mandated, regulated, and previously regulated organisations and charities.

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