Why Knowledge is Power

At Crown Hosting Data Centres we believe that knowledge is power. It’s the reason why we give all our public sector customers comprehensive infrastructure reporting on every aspect of their data centre operation.

Delivered in a dashboard format, these monthly Management Information (MI) reports are packed with insights into the efficiency and performance of your data centre –it’s a bit like a detailed breakdown on everything from equipment capacity, availability and loading, to the amount of power consumed by cabinet.

All of this delivers significant advantages for every agency or department we work with, regardless of size – especially when it comes to demonstrating carbon savings.

As you’d expect, Crown Hosting Data Centre agreements come with a huge number of environmental considerations already built-in.

For example, all Crown Hosting Data Centres employ the best of breed energy efficiency technologies that deliver compliance with the HMG Greening Government ICT strategy and EU directives for all our government and public sector customers.

And of course, all Crown Data Centre contracts come with a fixed power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating that at a stroke minimises your power utilisation by 50% compared to industry norms.

But with detailed MI at your fingertips, the theoretical at last becomes measurable and tangible.

So you can see exactly what level of reliability you’re getting, how much energy you’re consuming, and get a sense of what equipment isn’t being optimised – so you can take the decision to switch off what’s not needed or being used.

Armed with powerful MI, you’ll be able to hit green targets while lowering costs, and increasing scalability.

Indeed, some of the organisations using Crown Hosting Data Centres today tell us they’ve seen a two-thirds cost saving against their previous cost base. Less power usage equates to less carbon – and that’s good for everyone.

Steve Hall

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