Our data centre colocation services are open to any UK publicly funded, mandated, regulated and previously regulated organisations.  The key benefits for Charity colocation data hosting are outlined below:

Value for money:

We provide a highly flexible solution, enabling you to pay for what you use, whilst enjoying the benefits of a shared environment at a lower cost. Crown Hosting Data Centres provides immediate cost benefits whilst you plan your cloud strategy without any lock in. We also deliver a predictable cost model that helps plan your infrastructure budget.


Crown Hosting can be use on a pay as you go basis within your hybrid cloud strategy. In addition, any vendor or service provider can be used in conjunction with the platform

Risk Reduction:

We provide a dedicated shared environment for Local, Regional and National charity organisations large or small, including 99.999% availability on power, with all facilities monitored 24/7 , assured by NCSC and in line with CPNI guidance.

You can connect to any cloud platform and any other service from the facilities.  There is no lock in, and you can change providers or vendors when required.  You can also add or decrease space requirements as required, and we accommodate the latest High Performance computer platforms

Ease of Use:

Our solutions provide an IT ready platform, with 24/7 smarthands and service desk capability in addition to a dedicated onboarding team with predefined SLA’s.  This is all underpinned by flexible contract terms and exit terms, with Multiple site options available.

Route to Cloud:

You can use Crown Hosting Data Centres for your legacy and new private platforms in addition to sensitive data. You can connect to multiple cloud options and leverage other managed services on each site.

Click here to learn how a number of government departments and G-Cloud providers are already driving significant carbon and cost savings by leveraging the high security, high resiliency, low latency and reduced operational risk provided by Crown Hosting Data Centres.

Get in touch:

Crown Hosting Data Centres Limited is powered by Ark Data Centres, who design, construct and operate the most efficient UK data centres for the public sector, including UK publicly funded, mandated, regulated and previously regulated organisations and charities.

To learn how our flexible data centre colocation solutions can save you money, with peace of mind security, please get in touch via the email form below, or call us 0333 207 0703